It’s Bigger Than The Bottles

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Sometimes a 140 characters isn’t enough to express your point of view. A tweet sparked my mind late last night. RT “@charliesheendc  Josephine’s was on 100 tonight s/o to the dude that bought 47 bottles @djquicksilva”. This sparked an immediate response from me and sparked a discussion between me and 3 men I respect and consider homies/acquaintances @djquicksilva @djgoldenboy & @charliesheendc follow them all on twitter and check out Quick’s charitable foundation The Silva Lining Foundation. The conversation that ensued is one that has been had before in many different incarnations, (Rick Ross spending a $1 million at KOD, Diddy buying his son a Maybach while giving his son $10,000 to donate to Haiti.) so for me this is not about the bottles nor the people involved in the conversation, but a greater way of thinking.  Whenever one is questioned about the way they spend their money in ostentatious displays of wealth, there are always 3 standard responses in defense:

1. The freedom response

Which is, because I have money and it is mine I therefore  have the right to spend it as I choose.

2. Most rich people already give something to charity.

3. Why should people of means use their “hard earned ” money to help anyone? It’s not their responsibility.

All 3 of these responses are true at a certain level and that is undeniable. My thoughts are not about obligation, controlling people’s wealth by force or mandate nor the abridging of anyone’s freedom or rights. It’s about why are we so accepting and glorifying of wasteful spending as just as reasonable as charitable giving? Why is charity always a secondary or after thought in how we decide to spend our disposable income? Are we so suspect of those in need that we’ve lost compassion and a strong desire to help the less fortunate? Should we and/or people of means match our fun wasteful spending with charitable spending? I’m not saying people of means shouldn’t spend their money and enjoy their money as they choose but I would love to see us get to a point of more balance where ostentatious displays of charity are just as common place and glorified as ostentatious displays of wealth.  Its bigger than the bottles.

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One Response to It’s Bigger Than The Bottles

  1. VA says:

    Great Post Breeze! Indeed, we are about as devoid of compassion and as selfish of a society as we have ever been. And I agree, it is your money and you spend it however you feel, but in these times where so much can be aided and improved with the right fiscal donations, it would show alot of character to put your money in a position to help people, not just get them drunk. And besides, charitable donations are tax deductible. Get them Goodwill bags ready……

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