Drake Take Care Review

Drake Take Care Review

Better late than never. Right? Not really sure what took me so long to finish this review. Probably the fact that I have been busy enjoying this album and not writing about it but late or not here’s what I have to say

Over My Dead Body

The album starts off with ”Over My Dead Body”. Drake reflects on his last year and establishes his status as the leader of the new school.

Shot For Me
Drake continues the album with an ode to a former girl that he clearly had a lot of influence over. Although much of Drakes album focuses on his relationships with women each story sounds unique and repeatable if you lived through many of the experiences he speaks on. I am not sure, sequence wise, that this is where this song should be, but I’m also not sure where I would place it.

Solid lead single that I’ve always liked. I really like the snares that are embedded in the production. Not much to say about Headlines we’ve heard it on the radio ad nauseam

Crew Love
This marks the first appearance of The Weeknd on the album. One theme that is often overlooked in Drake’s music is the glorification of loyalty. Drake has kept his same circle around him from the beginning and often speaks and pledges his loyalty to his people.

Take Care

This is my least favorite track on the album, with that being said there is no denying that this will be a huge international club record. Take Care is the biggest record on the album and will be dominating clubs of all demographics this winter and beyond.

Marvin’s Room
An ode to the drunk the dial. If your queen has never got that Marvin’s Room call from one of her exes she’s probably not that hot I’m just saying. I don’t condone any of the simping in this record but you have to respect Drake’s impressive storytelling on this record.

Buried Alive
I like Kendrick Lamar but I don’t like this.  Its creepy and a tad weird. He was definitely spittin and had some lines, but I just don’t get it, it doesn’t fit to me.  Moving on!

Underground Kings
This is one of Drake’s stronger rap tracks, and it’s the introduction to the mostly rap part of Drake’s album. The ability to reflect on his unique, but relatable story to me is always captivating. Drake doesn’t have your typical Hip-Hop “I came from the bottom story”, but he has his own story of how he made it to get where he is today. Interesting play on title names with Buried Alive to Underground Kings.

We’ll Be Fine
I really like  We’ll be fine it just has nice bounce to it just an enjoyable track from Drake nothing to complicated. Just good music. Drake’s album really starts to hit its stride in the rap portion of the album, which culminates with Lord Knows.

I’m So Proud Of You

I’m torn with how I feel about this song. On one hand it’s a feel good song that’s leaning towards an inspirational urge for women to be proud of their accomplishments, while he Nicki Minaj outline all they have accomplished in such a short time. On the other hand I just think this song is corny period! I’m still undecided which one it is, it might just be both.

Lord Knows
The culmination and the end the of the rap heavy portion of the album. Drake answers his critics and destroys this track with quotable after quotable. By far Lord Knows Is best track on the album .

Camera /Doing it Wrong/The Real Her/Look What You’ve Done

So this is the R&B section of the album. Take Care is a long album and this is the part of the album where I questioned, could he have taken out a song? It would have preferably been in this section that completely slows the pace of the album. However my problem is that I can’t see where you would take a song out, all 4 of these songs are good, and enjoyable songs. Camera is infectious. Doing it wrong just has a wonderful groove to it. The Real Her gives us solid guest appearances by Lil Wayne and  Andre 3000 nothing ground breaking just two decent verses. Look what you’ve done is great ode to his mother and/or grandmother depending on who you ask. Drake really shows his storytelling ability on look with you’ve done him also using his relationships to chronicle the time periods is also pretty slick.

Drake’s flow is on another level on this song. I can’t lie I’m just tired of Lil Wayne ever since the Carter 2 era he’s fallen off to me, and at this point he’s not even interesting anymore. People at some point have to really acknowledge critically his lack of growth as an artist. The song overall is one of my favorites on the album mostly because of the catchy hook and Drakes first verse.

Only Drake could turn Juvenile’s Back Dat Ass Up into a ballad. I can’t condone the level of simping on this record, but damn it’s catchy! You just have to sing it. “all those other dudes were practice they were practice for me”. Nah son I don’t condone that not at all but I will continue to sing along to the ballading of “Back That Ass Up”.

The Ride
Drake finishes the album out with The Weeknd on just a chill groove that wraps the album quite nicely. Drake smoothly details the thoughts in his head about his current life, trials, tribulations, success & future .

Extras The Motto/Never Sleep Alone

Motto has a cool west coast feel, more of an in the club record, think “Blow the Whistle”.  I hate that “Never Sleep Alone” is one of the best songs not on the album. He does what he does best narration of his relationships with women. Drake is phenomenal in taking his specific situation based narratives and making them universally relatable.

Overall “Take Care” is a dope album, not perfect, not without it’s flaws, not a classic, but dope! The spoken word interludes after “Take A Shot For Me” and “Headlines” are beyond wack and corny. Birdman talking after “We’ll be Fine” is also unnecessary and awful. Overall this is good album and its getting much rotation in the CD deck in the car, and the IPod. Is this album of year? Jay-Z Watch The Throne? Kanye MBDTF? Phonte Charity Starts at Home? J Cole Sideline Story? something else? I’m not sure the answer to this question yet, but Take Care belongs in the conversation. Let the debate begin.

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