Ambition over Everything?

It’s hard out here for the average single.  As a twenty something, I’m still figuring out my path, and asking who (if anyone) will help complete my life’s blueprint.  I’ll go through a cleansing period when I evaluate myself and look to those around me just to make sure I’m in good company and headed in the right direction.  When it comes to companionship and matters of the heart, it’s never that simple.

I spoke to one of my good male friends, and he randomly expressed how much he really wanted a girlfriend.  He hasn’t had a “leading lady” in quite some time.  My homie is no slouch- quite a sharp dresser, emerging artist, ambitious gentleman and socialite.  He does have several “female friends,” but, seriously, what single twenty something male of this caliber wouldn’t? He shared his only concern about starting a relationship is the fear of having to compromise- his career, traveling… whatever his hard-work affords him.

A few of my female friends and I chatted briefly.  Correction, they ranted about the shortage of eligible bachelors, “pampered ass” men, baby daddy’s, the playboys, yada yada yada….you get the point.  Now I’m no she-woman man hater by far, but my girls did raise some interesting points.  For instance, of the 5 ladies in the room, 4 had college degrees, reliable cars, have never been married and have no children.  All maintain a full time job yet none have met their male equivalent, or someone with at least 4 out of the 5.

My close girlfriend and former college buddy, now single, needed a break from her former relationship.  To her, it became too overwhelming after a while- him newly unemployed with no car, and a child with his ex.  I die laughing every time she refers to him as the “community service project.”  All jokes aside, she loved him dearly, and adored his son.  She took on his problems as if they were her own- often postponing what she wanted for what he needed.  She gave what she could until she grew more aggravated with the lack of progress.  Sadly, they agreed to part ways peacefully.

It’s always great to fulfill that desire for both success and companionship, but what happens when the two cross wires? A good friend once told me if you have to ask if you’re settling than you probably are.  Is there every any point where you can comfortably curve your ambition for another?  Let me know your thoughts….

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  1. Danielle W. says:

    Three things I think ppl should keep in mind is, one, that every relationship takes sacrafice & comprising. Sometime what is best for YOU is not what is be for the relationship. Secondly, that there needs to be a balance. So often I hear & see both men & women, single & taken, become engulfed in their work or their relationship. I don’t think either is good. In my opinion, it all boils down to your priorities & being honest with yourself. Maybe you’re really not ready for a relationship. Lastly, after you’ve taken some self inventory, communicate that with your significant or potential significant other. Learn about their priorities & take it from there.

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