Shop 16 Tons – Weekend shopping visit

“Timeless goods for the modern man” is an accurate description of men’s boutique 16 tons in the Hampden area of Baltimore City. I have visited the shop before to talk to owner Daniel Wylie about fashion and trade shows in NYC, but this last time I stopped by it was conversation and a jacket. The products he sales are refreshing to see in Baltimore. Brands such as Naked and Famous denim and Herschel bags are not easy to find and much needed in any fashionable man’s closet. While we were talking, I this jacket caught my eye and I had to buy it. It was a fall purchase, and a little early for that, but I know I won’t see anyone with it this season. Go support your local boutique at 1100 W. 36th St Baltimore, MD 21211, follow them on Twitter at @shop16tons , like them on and go check them out when you can.

About Jbass - IROCKFOX

I am the owner and creative director for IROCKFOX. Its a premium street wear brand from the DMV.
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