Fashion Editor Julia Sarr-Jamois

I religiously follow Stockholm StreetStyle for their unpredictable shots of stylish people (both women and men) and I also love the fact that 99% of these people are usually Fashion Industry folks. I particularly loved one of their unique posers most recently and was mesmerized by her wild afro and retro style with a twist of elegance she poised on the streets. At first, I thought she was a random but then I realized she was someone worth researching and happily found out she is a Fashion Editor for Wonderland Magazine who also interned at I-D mag. Jamois resides in London and was once a model but now works heavily as a stylist. I am a bit disappointed in myself for just finding out about her and I think it’s a shame how underrated she is. She is a gorgeous girl and hopefully her talent will reign through.

She makes me want to Rock the Fro! Love it!


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